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Luxurious Custom Kitchen Cabinets in New York

Create your own personalized space and enrich your life with best-in-class, custom-made kitchen cabinets by Gravita Designs – the Big Apple’s foremost authority on stylish cabinetry.

Discover a new meaning of opulence

Gravita Designs is where timeless beauty, enhanced practicality, and superior functionality coalesce, giving form to custom kitchen cabinets that transcend the mundane. For 20 years, we’ve been combining technology and artistry, tradition and innovation, precision and freedom of expression – all to bring you gorgeous furnishings that are worthy of adorning the heart of your home.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence placed us at the forefront of kitchen cabinet designers in New York, with our products being highly sought after in both commercial and residential properties nationwide. Today, the collective expertise of our professionals is at your disposal, ready to create elements that harmonize with your inner and outer world.

What makes our custom kitchen cabinets stand out from the rest

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that we’re the sole carrier of Q12™-compliant kitchen cabinets in New York and the region. The Q12™ standard is considered the pinnacle of quality today and, to achieve it, the product must meet some of the most rigorous criteria ever set by the industry.

To ensure Q12 eligibility, a kitchen cabinet designer in New York must plan for the finished product to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical to use. By implementing a rigorous, 12-step quality control process, we ensure that both criteria are met while staying true to your unique vision of ideal cabinetry.

All our custom cabinets are made using carefully selected, highest-grade materials, sourced exclusively from reputable manufacturers and distributors. The unprecedented quality of lumber, components, and finishes guarantees that the final product will be top-tier and built to last, ensuring your satisfaction for years to come.

We spare no resources to ensure the superior quality of our custom-made kitchen cabinets. Our New York manufacturing facility features cutting-edge Italian machinery, renowned for its flawless precision. In addition, we employ punctilious 5-point control procedures that leave zero margin for error, enabling us to create products in line with your exacting specifications.

Discover the driving force behind our success

Behind every exquisite piece of our custom-made kitchen cabinetry we provide stands a team of extraordinary individuals, working together toward a common goal. Comprising some of the finest artisans, craftsmen, and kitchen cabinet designers that New York has to offer, our collective is wholeheartedly dedicated to achieving excellence in every facet of our operations. With their experience and expertise, you can rest assured that what you envision will be rendered real, down to the smallest, most intricate detail.

Enrich your cooking & gathering space with our custom kitchen cabinets in New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In New York, custom-made kitchen cabinets are always a better investment than their mass-produced counterparts, for several reasons:

  • Personalization options allow you to fine-tune each piece to the exact needs of your space and lifestyle;
  • Quality craftsmanship and materials ensure longevity and durability of produced elements, often surpassing store-bought variants by decades.
  • Tailored design makes it so the cabinetry fits in your existing space, without the need to compromise or make additional adjustments;
  • Enhanced property value is the logical derivation of the above three factors, with every piece of custom furniture adding to the desirability and resale potential.

Yes, custom-made kitchen cabinets typically last much longer than their mass-produced counterparts, and by a margin. Bespoke cabinetry owes its longevity and durability to the quality materials and precision craftsmanship, as well as tailored design that perfectly complements your habits and lifestyle.

The time it takes to build custom kitchen cabinets will depend on several factors, the most prominent being:

  • The complexity and scope of the project;
  • The extent of customization;
  • The time necessary to source desired materials;
  • The experience and expertise of kitchen designers and craftsmen.

Based on the aforementioned factors, the entire process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months.

Most kitchen cabinet designers in New York advise in favor of at least some form of protective coating, but this decision is entirely up to your preferences. However, considering how modern technology enables us to both add protection and preserve the visual identity of the elements, it is clear that you only stand to gain by opting for interior paint.

From Jamaica Bay to the Hudson River bank, there’s no one better to entrust your kitchen design & improvement project than New York’s own Gravita Design. For two decades, we’ve been the de facto leader in our field, setting the trends and raising the quality bar ever higher.

Whether your heart is set on personalized cabinetry in Brooklyn, bespoke kitchen elements in Manhattan, or a tailored-made pantry in Queens, we are here to render what you envision unto reality. Connect with us today to enrich your life and your space with luxury and quality!