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The kitchen
is the most
important part
of a home.

At Gravita, we have consistently prioritized quality and innovation since our inception in 2004. Our journey began by supplying our products to distributors, but as we evolved, we recognized the opportunity to directly engage with developers and general contractors.
This strategic shift has propelled us into a period of exponential growth. Our mission is not only to enhance the quality of life for our customers but also to become an integral part of their projects. We remain committed to staying at the forefront of service and installation to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our valued clients.

Fast Expansion

Expanding Horizons: Direct Engagement Redefining Excellence
At Kitchen & Bath by Gravita Designs, our journey is one of continuous growth and evolution. We’ve recently embraced a strategic shift, moving away from distributor-based sales to direct engagement with contractors and developers. This transformative step has not reduced costs for our valued clients without compromising quality.
Our unwavering commitment? Delivering exceptional millwork that exceeds expectations while prioritizing cost efficiency.
Join us on this transformative journey. Your satisfaction and success drive us forward.
Warm Regards,
Kitchen & Bath by Gravita Designs


The more people we hire, the more it shows how big and important our company is in the industry.


Explore our advanced manufacturing facility where precision and quality intersect flawlessly. Our factory operates with a meticulous 5-point quality control system, guaranteeing perfection in every product for end-users. Utilizing state-of-the-art Italian machinery, we consistently deliver superior quality across our offerings.


With operations across the country, it’s clear that Gravita is a strong and top company in the cabinet industry.


With a remarkable number of cabinets being sent out every day, it’s clear that there’s a strong demand for Gravita.

The only company that carries q12 cabinets.


We aim to give users impressive kitchen experiences inside and out by choosing the best materials, ensuring consistent quality and appearance. To maintain quality in the entire construction, we’ve meticulously attended to every detail, resulting in twelve unique elements that collectively create an uncompromising cabinet.
top rated


We strongly believe in our four main values that define who we are at Gravita.


At Gravita, we firmly believe in maintaining uncompromised quality. We understand that design encompasses more than just looks. That’s why we meticulously ensure the quality of every component in our superior cabinets. Nothing is left to chance, as everything at Gravita undergoes rigorous testing.


Through developing and broadening our product ranges, we continuously adjust to the evolving preferences of buyers. At Gravita, we are dedicated to embracing advanced technologies to improve our internal processes and establish benchmarks in the industry. We aim to provide cleverly designed solutions to enrich customers’ overall satisfaction.


Recognizing that our dealers’ performance determines our company’s success, we are dedicated to equipping them with all the necessary resources to ensure a smooth and prosperous sale. With a strong commitment to fostering strong relationships, our network is based on respect and mutual value.


We appreciate our driven and talented team and acknowledge its vital role in our nationwide achievements. By encouraging a balance between work and personal life through enjoyable benefits and events, we take pride in fostering a sense of an extended family within the company. Similar to any robust bond, we are consistently available to provide assistance and direction to both our employees and dealers. We are firm believers that a culture centered on teamwork will result in the most favorable experiences for all.